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Richard Walters

Golden Veins CD + Vinyl


Release Date: 12/06/2020

This multi buy includes:

  • Golden Veins CD
  • Golden Veins (Signed) Vinyl

Walters has quietly been garnering critical acclaim as a solo artist across a ten-year career which has seen him release four albums and four EPs to-date. His beautiful and ethereal voice – an undimmed light throughout his output – can be found weaving its way through the fabric of ‘This Is Where It Ends’ to brilliant effect on a track that finds Walters’ song-writing as sharp as it is melancholic.

Says Walters about ‘This Is Where It Ends’: ‘It's a song about acceptance and responsibility, admitting that something ending and dissolving is sometimes for the best ...I was thinking about the end of a public relationship, some imaginary Hollywood power couple pulling apart something so personal in front of a scrutinising audience, being watched by 'a million stars going grey' as they let their life together fold...choosing the right words and doing so with dignity and humility, letting things end without drama or ankle biting.’

1 Dirt Empire
2 Big Joy
3 SC97 *
4 The Dawn Chorus on Tape
5 Marks
6 Everything That Lies Above
7 Fate Playing
8 Kintsugi *
9 This Is Where It Ends *